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Consumers Change Security, Online Behavior After iCloud Breach

Category: Internet Security After a hacking incident affecting some of Hollywood's most popular celebrities, 35 percent of consumers said they have changed their behavior to increase their data protection, according to a survey conducted by research firm YouGov.

Health Care Data Breaches Caused by Theft, Cyberattack

Category: Data Breach Two health care organizations revealed separate data breaches with one caused by theft of an unencrypted device and the other by a cyberattack.

5 Million Gmail Credentials Exposed in Previous Data Breaches

Category: Data Breach Hackers exposed information connected to 5 million Gmail accounts on a Russian site, CNNMoney reported.

New Identity Theft Bill Aims to Curb Tax Return Fraud

Category: Identity Theft The House of Representatives passed a law to prevent identity theft and tax return fraud - two crimes that are rapidly rising across the nation, according to a statement by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

Home Depot Verifies Data Breach at US, Canadian Stores

Category: Data Breach Home Depot verified reports that its systems were breached and customer payment data was compromised, according to a company statement.

Investigation Connects Malware Used in Target, Home Depot Breaches

Category: Data Breach Sources connected to the investigation of the breach at Home Depot said there is a link between the malware attacks on Target and the home improvement retail chain, KrebsOnSecurity reported.

1.16 Million Massachusetts Residents Had Info Exposed in 2013

Category: Data Breach More than 1.16 million residents in Massachusetts were impacted by data breaches in 2013, according to the state Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.

Goodwill Confirms Data Breach Affecting 10 Percent of Stores

Category: Data Breach Goodwill confirmed that a July malware attack did expose customer information, according to a statement by the company.

Home Depot Investigates Potential Wide-Reaching Data Breach

Category: Data Breach Home Depot is investigating a potential data breach of credit and debit card information, according to KrebsOnSecurity.

Malware Samples Average More Than 160,000 Per Day in Q2

Category: Internet Security The first half of 2014 saw malware reach record levels as cyber spies and criminals created even more effective hacking tools to steal valuable personal and corporate information, according to a report by IT security firm PandaLabs.
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